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* Terms & Conditions Below Apply :

1) For Arrival, Departure, Point-To-Point, And Two Way Transfers – an extra stops charge will apply for every extra drop-off and pick-up point. For extra stops  an additional of $20 per stop will be charged.

2) Hourly Charter – No Extra Stop Charges.

3) Daily Charter – No Extra Stop Charges

1) Arrival Transfers – Driver will arrive 30 mins earlier from the scheduled flight landing time to received you or your guest at the arrival hall. As we understand that your need time to clear immigration and collect your luggage, the first 45 mins of waiting time from time the plane land will not be charged extra. After the initial 45 mins of waiting there after will incur an extra charge of $15 per block of every 15 mins wait or less.

After 3 blocks of 15 minutes  (i.e 45 mins) of waiting a minimum of 3 hours hourly rates will apply

Example 1 : If you book a 13 seater arrival transfer the original cost is $75. First 45 mins wait, no charged. Next 15 mins block wait an extra $15 penalty will be incurred. ($75 + additional $15 = $90 Total )

Example 2 :  If  the waiting time extends more than 45 mins  (i.e first 45 mins free + another 45 mins wait = 1.5 hours wait) An hourly rates of min 3 hours will apply. i,e $75 x 3 hours = Total $225 

2) Departure Transfers –  Driver will arrive to pick you up 15 mins early to assist you load your luggage. The first 15 mins block of waiting will not be charged, but there after waiting time charge will apply at the rate of $15 per 15 mins block of waiting time. After 45 mins wait a 3 hours hourly rates will apply.

3) Point-To-Point Transfers – Penalty will apply same as no. 2 above

4) Hourly Charter – No waiting time penalty. You may extend your hourly booking after the initial booking expire,

For Bookings That Start Or End Between 2300 Hours To 0700 Hours – An ADDITIONAL OF $20.00 (Twenty Singapore Dollars) per transfer or per hour will be charged in your final bill.

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